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Album der Woche #09 D A S K “Sol”

Sonntag 25.2. 08-09 Uhr und 15-16 Uhr vorgestellt auf Modul303.

Wiedermal Klangerlebnisse aus Dänemark. D A S K mit dem brandneuen Album Sol.
Erschienen bei Syngate Records.

Sol is the Latin name for the Sun. It is a main sequence star meaning that it is in the most stable part of its life converting hydrogen into helium. It is just over half way through its main life cycle and will remain stable for at least another five billion years. It has a mass 330,000 times of Earth and over 99% the total mass of our entire solar system.

After about 8 billion years of fusing hydrogen into helium the core of the sun is not dense and hot enough to start fusing helium and remain stable so gravitation forces take over and it will exit its main sequence. The outer regions of the star will expand outwards over time as the Sun gradually transforms into a red giant engulfing the innermost planets. This is not the end of our star and it will live on for trillions of years as a white dwarf.
released February 17, 2018

LINK: DASK projects:

Zum Download bei Syngate geht’s >>>>>>>>>>>> H I E R

Album der Woche #08 Alba Ecstasy “Bedtime Stories”

Wiedermal eine hervorragende Veröffentlichung aus Rumänien.
Auf zu hören am 18.2. 7-8 und 15-16 Uhr cet.
Alba Ecstasy aka. Mihail-Adrian Simion.

Verschiedene EM-Künstler sind in seinem Net-Label KONTINUUM PRODUCTIONS vereint , darunter auch NORD

here the LINK to Bedtime stories

Bedtime Stories ist ein wundervolles Werk, ohne langweilig zu werden. Man entdeckt immer wieder neue Klangstrukturen.

HIER GIBT ES ALLES was das Ohr begehrt zum download
Kontinuum Production is a partner of Modul303

Soundtag special #07 /EM from Japan Juta Takahashi and more

Der Soundtag special auf Modul303. 11.2.2018 16-19 Uhr cet.

Der Soundtag besteht diemal aus 2 Teilen. Part 1: Neue Alben von Juta Takahasi, Part 2: Eine compilation der Nominates Schallwelle 2ß15

JUTA TAKAHASHI was born in Miyagi, Japan in 1959, and then spent his childhood to teens in Aomori. At his teens, he was strongly influenced by so-called progressive rock and synthesizer music that had been assumed to be avant-garde at that time. He went to Tokyo for going on to school, and his career as a musician started afterward. Though he originally was a guitarist and played rock music like King Crimson’s that valued improvisation, he gradually devoted himself to electronic music. He now resides in Sendai, Miyagi and is producing music by using synthesizers and computers as an independent musician. He received the major impact from electronic/ambient musicians, such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Vangelis and Pete Namlook, etc. Though his music is basically beautiful, calm, emotional and melodious, aggressive sounds that catch a glimpse of his original background also appear sometimes. Since he prefers analog instruments to digital ones, his works are characterized by the former. His music composition mainly consists of not programming but improvisation. The first commercial album was released in August, 2007, and twelve albums have been released at present.


Listen to Modul303 here

Viel Spass beim Lauschen, euer Modul303 Team

SoundTag special #04 with Hrastwork-21.1. 4-7 PM CET

Wunderbare entspannende 3 Stunden von Hrastprogrammer aus Kroatien. Alle tracks länger als 15 Minuten. !!

Welcome to the “HrastProgrammer” project! I started all this many years ago as a programming & software development project dealing with assembler programming, calculators & emulators programming, Pascal & Forth development, etc. Later I integrated electronic music (with ambient/industrial/techno elements), sound synthesis and sequencer/DSP programming into it. Although this EM-side is often referenced as “HrastWerk”, it became integral part and (in many aspects) the driving force of the whole project. Also, many other areas of interest influenced my work during the years – nature & space, water & rain, rivers & oceans, environment & ecology, comics, science fiction books & movies, robotics & cybernetics, mathematics & algorithms, VFR & IFR, …

Die Hrastprogrammer alben gibt es HIER

His Home page and further information

Album der Woche 1-2018 Gsell & Tronestam – Space — R.I.P Wolfgang Gsell

Aus gegebenen Anlass wird das unser Album der Woche 1/2018 31.12.17 von 8-9 und 15-16 Uhr auf
R.I.P. Wolfgang Gsel in SPACEl

Wir sind alle traurig, bestürzt und schockiert zu erfahren, daß Wolfgang Gsell gestorben ist – ich kannte ihn als hervorragenden, sensiblen und tiefgründigen Musiker und sehr freundlichen Menschen. Was für ein großer Verlust! :-(.Auch für
Seiner Familie und allen, die ihm nahestanden, mein ganz herzliches Beileid, und viel Kraft in dieser Stunde!

* * *

We are very sad and shocked to learn that Wolfgang Gsell has passed away – I knew him as an excellent, sensitive and profound musician and very friendly person. What a great loss! :-(
My hearftelt condolences to all his family and to everyone who was close to him – I wish You all a lot of strength in this situation!

Bandcamp link to Space album

Syngate records Winter special 25.12. 20:00 – Midnight cet

Freut mich, euch ein 4 Stunden Syngate records special präsentieren zu können. 4 Stunden am Stück.
Den gesamten SYNGATE Katalog findet ihr >>>>HIER<<<<.

Weiterhin frohe Festtage wünscht das Modul303 Team.

Der KlangGarten by Wolf Red 10.12. 19-21 Uhr

Wiedermal eine Querbeet Guter elektronischer Musik.


Soundtag special #47 “Live on Stage” 19.11. 16-19 Uhr

Heute wieder mit einer Auswahl “Live on Stage” 3 Stunden 19.11. ab 16 Uhr

Ich hab heute 3 Blocks zusammengestellt:
1.) Frank Tischer&Bernd Michael Land live im Radom 2014
2.) Moonbooter vs Wellenfeld Live 2015 in Münster
3.) Ambient circle Live im Unperfekthaus Essen 2014

Macht die Ohren auf für 3 Stunden ,,,euer Wolf Red

L I N K S hier:

Bernd Michael Land & Frank Tischer

Moonbooter vs Wellenfeld

Ambient Circle

Album der Woche #47 – 2017 -Jamuroo & Wolfgang Gsell

———————- THE BEST OF 2014 bis 2017——————

——————————-Sendung am 19.11. 08-09 und 15-16 Uhr
An essential selection of Electronic New Age Music from Jamuroo & Wolfgang Gsell
A magical journey to long sunken cultures, magical places and cosmic worlds. 90 minutes of musical sound experience of a special kind.
Eine magische Reise zu längst versunkenen Kulturen, magischen Plätzen und kosmischen Welten. 90 Minuten lang musikalische Klangerlebnisse der besonderen Art.
With the brand new bonus track “From The Deepest Depths Up To Heaven”

more than 90 minutes
with a brand new bonus track •
Music with elements of the “Berlin School”, Ambient & New Age

das Album gibt es hier zum download

Workgruppe Radioshow #76

——————————–Please support our webradio for Electronic Music!
——————————–Note November 22 • 7 PM CET • 19 Uhr
——————————–Workgruppe Radioshow 76:
——————————–The Modul303 Benefit Radioshow!!!

You can download Benefit Album 1 here