Album der Woche #20 – Frank Tischer “Essence”

Sendetermine Woche 20: 14.5. 21 Uhr,, 16.5. 15 Uhr,,17.5. 07 Uhr,,,,,

Essence / Frank Tischer
(erschienen bei Brücken Ton / 2018)

Mini Moog Yoyager
Moog Subsequent 37
Mooger Fooger Midi Murf
Mooger Fooger Ringmodulator
Waldorf blofeld
Waldorf Streichfett
Roland V-Piano
Roland XP 30
Roland JV 1080 expander
Korg electribe
Xiao flute
Native finger drums

Nachdem erfolgreichen Album Polaris aus dem Jahre 2017, wollte ich, bei einem neuen Album, stilistisch anders arbeiten, um mich nicht zu wiederholen.
Da kam es mir gelegen, einen Sponsor für meine Radom-Konzerte 2018 zu finden, der mir einen Flügel für die ganze GALAXOS-Saison, im Radom zur Verfügung stellt. Damit war klar, dass bei meinem nächsten Album der Flügel im Vordergrund stehen wird. In diesem Kontext wurde dann essence komerzieller, popiger als das Vorgänger-Album „Polaris“.
Es birgt viele Sequencen (Berliner Schule), aber auch Sounds und Melodien, inspiriert durch die 80er Jahre (z.B. Jean Michel Jarre), auch wenn das Intro erst einmal an Pink Floyd denken läßt und Klavierpassagen leicht jazzig sind.
Ich glaube, dass sich essence sehr gut eignet als Hintergrundmusik am PC, genauso wie im Auto oder mit Kopfhörer, wenn man sich auf das Album ganz einlassen will.

Ich habe mir dieses mal viel Zeit gelassen und essence zwischen September 2017 und März 2018 eingespielt, gemischt und gemastert.
Entstanden ist essence in meinem Brücken Ton studio und erschienen unter meinem Lable Brücken Ton.

Bei meinen Konzerten 2018 werde ich im Radom das nahezu ganze Album live spielen, plus Bonustitel, am Flügel, Moog, Waldorf, Rackmodule, mit Gongs und Flöte

Tourdates 2018 update

Thank you Andre Stooker
Update EM-calendar. No big changes.

Next stop saturday TD in Duisburg and in the small but excellent venue in Best an improvisation evening of the excellent artists Ron Boots and John Kerr.

12-05-2018 Tangerine Dream. Duisburg (DE)
12-05-2018 An Evening with John and Ron , Tejaterke Best
19-05-2018 Cosmic Nights Planetarium Brussel(BE), Ron Boots, Galactic Underground, Rhea
02-06-2018 E-Scape UK (Concept Devices, Gazz Collins, Volt, FD Project, Ron Boots and friends, Code Indigo)
16-06-2018 The Electronic Spectrum Universe, Groningen(NL)
07-07-2018 Schwingungen Scheunen Party, u.a. Venja, Spyra
01-08-2018 Tangerine Dream, Amsterdam(NL)
22-09-2018 Pyramid Peak, BK&S, Filterkaffee Iserlohn (DE)
29-09-2018 Electronic Circus, Detmold (DE)
20-10-2018 E-Live, Age(BE)
02-11-2018 BK&S Liquid Sound Festival, Bad Sulza (DE)
03-11-2018 BK&S Liquid Sound Festival, Bad Sulza (DE)
10-11-2018 Johannes Schmoelling/Robert Waters De Enck, Oirschot
01-12-2018 B-Wave
15-03-2019 Ron Boots. BK&S, Repelen(DE)
16-03-2019 BK&S Repeln (DE)+Kagermann, Ebert

Album der Woche #19–Johan Tronestam–Midgard

Also reinlauschen 6.5.15-16 Uhr und ZWAR HIER

The idea for the album Midgard started in 2015, but the first track was made in february 2017. The inspiration behind this work is J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Silmarillion. The subject opens up too many thoughts and ideas. Have there been powerful times which we today have no knowledge of? Times that have been lost and today are only myths. Echoes from the past without any anchoring. If so, what happened to these cultures? Apart from the world of Tolkien there are enormous amounts of myths of ancient times in different cultures, written by known cultures that are seen as our cultural cradle. They describe times that go beyond our ability to verify.
For example, there is a link between ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese stories of even older times where persistent rulers ruled powerful kingdoms. Also descriptions which has its beginning in supernatural rulings.
– Johan Tronestam
released May 1, 2018

Composed, performed and mastered by Johan Tronestam in the TeamQuasar studio.
Produced by Johan Tronestam 2017 – 2018

Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp)

Front, label and inside picture by Peter Mattsson
Inlay picture by Peter Mattsson and Johan Tronestam
The picture of the sky: Johan Tronestam

Album der Woche #18 – 2018 – ”Kymatica” by Tabo Tago

Das Album der Woche 18 präsentiert von Modul303. Sendezeiten: 29.4. 8-9 Uhr und 15-16 Uhr.


Kymatica is a journey back in time with one foot firmly in the future. To Berlin-based trio TaboTago, the years between Tangerine Dream’s monolithic album “Zeit” in 1972 and the controversial fusion experiment “Cyclone” towards the end of the decade still provide plenty of inspiration. Over the course of many sessions and private concerts in a basement on Taborstraße they manage to crack the code which allowed Tangerine Dream to build epic and complex sound worlds while using synthesizers and early electronic equipment. Starting out as a cover band, it wasn’t long before the band applyied their secret knowledge to the six pieces of original material on debut album “Kymatica”.

In the spirit of the originals from the 70s and performed on current digital gear as well as on analoge synthesizers, these up to 11-minute long tracks occasionally sound like undiscovered Froese recordings from the vaults. Partly, this impression can be attributed to the fact that, similar to the techniques used by most krautrock bands at the time, all of the tracks were edited from live studio sessions, using no overdubs and very little post production. The band also regarded it vital to replicate the deep and warm sound of Tangerine Dream’s 70s productions. To this end, using specialised software, they created a ‘sonic fingerprint’ of the classics and then applied this equaliser setting to their own music.
Download here
Tune in to Modul303 here

^Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer
Andreas von Garnier – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer
Leander Reininghaus – Guitar, Electronics, Synthesizer

Mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter using a Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD headphone amp/DAC.