Studio Selections – Studio 4632 – Show 1 Samstag, 04.11.2017 – 22:00 – 00:00

Lady Candy L. is back!

First half of show:

Frozen Memory by Wolfgang Gsell (from Somnambul)
Turing’s Target by Glenn Sogge (from The Euler Variations)
Iapetus by Cousin Silas (from Dark Moons)
Wind Blowing by Earthborn Visions (from The Rose Tree)
Sometimes Only The Cold Smoke Of A Cigarette Warms You by Eisenlager (from The Joy Division III)
Wanderer by Mixtaped Monk (from Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy)
Dandelion Seeds by Oystein Jorgensen (from Inner Peace)
Sawtooth by Dominic Razlaff (from Improvisation)

Second half of show (unreleased):

Quest For Nebula by Mixtaped Monk (from Tales From A Distant Galaxy)
Open This Gate by Romerium (from Die Berliner Mauer)
Emergence by NoizeFilter Music (from Ambient Road)
Our Transparency Is Intoxicating by Tonepoet (from N.E.W.S.)
Echoes Of Past Life Dream 1 by Playman 54 (from Cryogenetics)
The Origin Of Supernatural Astronomical Phenomena VI, Pt 2 by Scott Lawlor
Sick Love by Synesthesounds
Discovery Delight by Mixtaped Monk (from Tales From A Distant Galaxy)