Album der Woche #05-2022>>>> One Week in Heaven by MICADO<<<<

Today 30.01. 15:00h and 23:00h TUNUE in


MICADO creates Electronic and Ambient synthesizer music since 1992. MICADO is founded by Frans Lemaire and Koenraad Vanderschaeve.
We are located in Belgium.

People feel at their best when they are at places which tickle all their senses in a pleasant way. In my terminology I call this “heavenly situations”.
In this album I want to depict an imaginary journey to “Heaven” in music and video. It is a journey full of surprise, new images, new nature, new sounds and heavenly voices, angel-like and ambient choirs. Alternating experiences of short pleasure and longer sequences which lay down vast scapes of the imaginary…
This is my journal of one week in Heaven.
released January 28, 2022

Recommended to listen with headphone

Synthesizers used :
* Yamaha Motif XS8, Arturia MatrixBrute,
* KORG MS20 with SQ1, Behringer Crave, Novation Mininova
* Roland JX-3P, D50 , System-8 and SuperJX,
* MOOG Grandmother, Virus TI2 Polar, Prophet Rev2

Software Tools used :
* Arturia V8 collection, Analog Lab
* Omnisphere , Spitfire Audio
* Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate
* Steinberg Grand 3, u-he Zebralette
* KORG Collection, Novation V-Station
Voice synthesizer and tools
* EmvoiceOne , Vocaloid5 , Heavyocity Vocalise 2 , BLISS2
* IVY Audio’s Clare solo, Zero G Ethera EVI 2.0
* Eachtra’s Vocal Ambient Landscapes
* Producer-Space Voice sample sets
Samples from diverse sources
* Logic, Generdyn, Cymatics, Private MICADO sample library

Music composed, arranged and mixed by Frans Lemaire
at the MICADO home studio using Logic Pro X and Focusrite and Behringer audio interfaces.
Track 09 is edited and mastered by Johan Geens (VENJA).

Music video’s are available on YouTube : Frans Lemaire – MICADO. Playlist ” One Week in Heaven ”

download here