Album der Woche #06 – 2018 – “The Joy Devision 4” by Eisenlager

Eisenlager is nothing if not musically gifted and eclectic. He can effortlessly mix up mood and style, which he does throughout volume 4. He can also seamlessly change tempo, beat and instrumentation, within the same tune. Eisenlager’s music flows with emotion,questions with intelligence and rings of other places and cultures. The piano pieces, especially, are lovely. And testify to Eisenlager’s great musical creativity and ability.
Adding Miriam Christina and her stunning voice/vocals to the mix on track two takes the great music to the next level. And add in Cousin Silas on track six, you have near perfection! Overall, this is an excellent album, a nice progression in the series. The Joy Division 5 will be coming along sometime in the first part of 2018. We only hope that Eisenlager continues on with this amazing album series! Enjoy The Joy Division 4!

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