Album der Woche #13-2018 – “Beyond the Horizon” by Romerium & Martin Neuhold

What begun as the February Album Writing Month improvisation challenge has turn out to a complete Album.
This collaboration invitation would be even more interesting if some of you would join me and add YOUR improvisation to my improvisation, to start some kind of musical dialogue, Martin wrote.
The improvisations Martin made for this collaboration touched me every time so every time I played my improvisations as a sort of answer and completion ( in my eyes) of his work.
His work shows often deep emotion and deep emotion is that what I like in my music.
So it was not so difficult to anticipate with his work.
I’ve mixed all his tracks together with my work so that it sounds at his best, and I’m very happy with the results…

Over the years I more and more realized that improvisation is the kind of music that is the most fun to make and to listen to.
It‘s music that comes right out of the moment, captures the feelings of the musician and brings them across to the audience.
So I asked myself if it was possible to improvise together, even if you were not in the same room.
The result was the Dialogue project, where I asked musicians to „answer“ to my improvisations with their improvisations.
When I heard the first „answers“ by Romerium I instantly felt that they were something special.
They somehow vibrated in the same frequency and deepened the music.
So I am very happy that all of our collaborations are collected here on this album.
If you like this, I invite look out for other reworks which will be released on the Submarine Broadcasting Corporation Netlabel and maybe some other places really soon.
My heartfelt thanks go out to you, the listener, and to Romerium for this great collaboration.
Get it HERE