Album der Woche #26-2021>>>> POLYPHONIC MEMORIES – BY COLIN RAYMENT<<<<

Wiedermal ein fantastisches Album mit Ambient pur von Colin Rayment.
Diemal auf seinem Bandcamp account released, wird aber auch bald bei Syngate records erscheinen.

Heute Abend (27.6.) 23 Uhr Cest einfach mal reinhören bei uns. Wird im laufe der Woche natürlich wiederholt werden. Einfach im Programm nachlesen.

Polyphonic Memories was released on 25th June 2021.

1. Night Sky Over Keystone (part 1) 12:09
2. Bullet Train To Kyoto 10:09
3. Night Sky Over Keystone (part 2) 16:41
4. Five Years Of Reminiscence 5:26
5. Atlas Mountain In The Sun 13:48

Polyphonic Memories is a collection of tracks that draw their inspiration from a collection of distinct, poignant, personal moments in time, all stemming from journeys around various corners of the world.

Sometimes, a defined moment in time, or distinct memory, can be the gateway to other forms of creative output. This is the platform from which these musical sketches came to life.

Night Sky Over Keystone (parts 1 & 2) was premiered at the US Mountain Skies music festival in May 2021.

Produced, composed and arranged by Colin Rayment ® © 2021

Photography, design and art direction by Colin Rayment
released June 25, 2021

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