Album der Woche #29 Bridge to Imla & Friends “One January Evening”

15.7.18 15 Uhr auf listen here Modul303

This album was recorded live in late January 2018
on an evening of live electronic music featuring
a solo set by synthesist Ralph Baumgartl,
(not included in this release, but it was excellent!)
a set by Bridge To Imla – with percussionist
Volker lankow on three tracks and finally
a jam session involving all four musicians.

Most of the bonus tracks (see below)
were recorded at a rehearsal by Michael Brückner
and Hans-Dieter Schmidt one week
prior to the event, except for…

…the studio version of
„The Dream-Quest To Unknown Imla“
which Michael insisted on doing, because
he had messed up his melotron flute solo
at the concert when he looked into
a blue laser beamer by mistake. ;-)

Bridge To Imla is:

Hans-Dieter Schmidt: synthesizer, keyboards, EWI (electronic wind instrument)
Michael Brückner: electronics, synthesizer, keyboards

Volker Lankow: percussion, loops, soundscapes & samples on tracks 8 – 10 and 16 – 21
Ralph Baumgartl: synthesizer & keyboards on tracks 16 – 21

O R D E R —-H E R E