Album Der Woche #31 – 2019 Johan Tronestam—-Cosmic Drama—

28.7.2019 listen at 3 PM 8 PM ON

You can downlod the album HERE

Cosmic drama is a philosophical emergence after my previous album Space Collection. I am constantly experiencing an affinity with the eternal that attracts and gives rise to amazing thoughts, which also travels anywhere without depending on time or space.
When I was a kid my teacher said I had too much imagination within me. Today I see it as a gift that has strongly built up my abstraction ability. Likewise the artistic ability Cosmic Drama does not give the subject its proper value but reflects the longing, thoughts and desires that the universe gives us.
Track 6 is a tribute to a good friend, Wolfgang Gsell who is no longer with us. A person who loved the universe and was himself filled with an artistic magic I appreciated very much. The album also pays tribute to Stephen Hawking, one of the modern era’s biggest theorists which brought us closer to the intriguing questions about the universe.

Johan Tronestam