Album der Woche #36 ToxygenDK “Red Earth”

Am SOUNDTAG 2.9.2018 15 Uhr Album der Woche 36 ToxygenDK Red Earth

Torben Friedrich hat mal wieder ein fantastisches Werk kreiert. Modul303 stellt es vor.

Hier geht es zum Download

ToXyGeNeDK Biography

I started playing the piano at the age of 4. Later the piano was replaced by an organ and as a young teenager I started playing on synthesizers.

I can only play by the ear…

In 2009 a Dutch friend and I had a Music Session and this was the beginning of Synth Brothers.

ToXyGeNeDK was founded in 2010.

I use only hardware analog and digital instruments in my music.(no soft synths)
All my songs are recorded in reel-time, build up track by track.

I have a passion for the good old analog sounds and I’m very much inspired by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Space, Milkways, Klaus Schulze.

Genre: Electronica, Berlin School type of music.

The ToXyGeNeDK story so far:
2010: Electronica, 11 track album
2012 Electronic Episode, 12 track album
2013 Analog Intensity, 15 track album
2013 Oscillator, 17:19 min. long single track
2014 SOS, Single track
2014 Time Machine, 5 track album
2015 Blue Stratosphere, 6 track album
2016 Synth Rituals, 6 track album
2016 Synth Protein, 7 track album
2017 Virus, 5 track album
2018 Cosmic Light, 7 track album
2018 Electro Sound (14 track compilation album)
2018 Red Earth, 8 track album