Album Der Woche #39 – Thaneco&Romerium–Sequences Passing By–

ALBUM DER WOCHE #39.. Tune in 3 and 8PM 22.9.

Download the Album here

And here is the bandcamp lik to Romerium

Thaneco: My first collaboration with Romerium (Rene Montfoort), a composer of electronic music from the Hague, Netherlands. I first got to know Romerium after his participation in my first Thaneco Records album: ”
From Inner To Outer Space, a celebration of electronic music (vol. 1)” that was released earlier this year. When I listen to his music I soon realised we share the same influences, the synthesizer music from the 70s and 80s. After we wrote a track for the upcoming EM Force cd album, we decided to write an album based on electronic sequences. We worked through the internet, me from Greece and Rene from the Netherlands.

Equipment used:
Thaneco used: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Oberheim Sem, Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard 4 EP-4, U-he Zebra, and Omnisphere.
Romerium used: Rob Papen vsts (BIT, Predator II, Go II, Blue II, Blade)
Steinberg vsts (Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, and the Revitar II).