Album der Woche #47 2020–Fringo Chills^^COOLED

With this album, Fringo Chills takes a look on the cool side. But be sure, the music to be gentle though, taking you on wide soundscapes
released November 14, 2020

Fringo Chills is the solo ambient project by Frank Rothe, Berlin

Frank Rothe about his project: “My passion is the old “Berlin-School-style” (listen to “Fratoroler” and “Filter-Kaffee”) but sometimes I like to hear long evolving rhythms and epic soundscapes.

To chill and relax is important for body, mind and soul and where to do this better, but in the nature.
Music is a reflection of those experiences.

Thanks to to my wife Angela for sharing the love of nature with me
and to Mario, Det, Bas and Thomas from the “Manikin-Family”

Photographs taken on Iceland by Miriam Grabowski

Marketed by
CabGuy* Music Production

HQ-release by SynGate Records 2020


Review by Beata Pardela, El-Stacja Radio Poland:

“the music … deeply moved me – in a positive sense of the word. It is rich in sound and pampers the listener’s ears with a perfect atmosphere.
Amazing combination of cosmic ambient with sequential elements creates a musical image full of cold, emptiness and cold, inaccessible spaces. It is a great picture showing the coming season with an optimistic ending – waking up spring as a reviving, returning life :)”