Album der Woche #51-2018–Michael Brückner–DURING A LULL AND OTHER TALES

SENDEZEITEN AM 16.12.18 15 +19 Uhr

composed, performed and produced by
Michael Brückner, April 2017 – August 2018

Michael Brückner about his album:
This time, the album on offer is (almost) pure Berlin School – sequencer driven space music based on (mostly) minor chord progressions provided by analogue(ish) synth strings and mellotron(ish) choirs, above it all the inevitable moog(ish) soloing – that kind of thing (with only a few gimmicks thrown in for variety).

I tend to see it as a slightly darker and more monochrome brother to last year’s “Trees Of Olivanda” (You might notice there’s also the theme of water again in the cover art – which this time I borrowed from some old masters of the Romantic era…).

The album title also is an allusion – I guess it’s quite plain, isn’t it…? :-)

Das Album gibt es hier zum download