ALBUM DER WOCHE #52-2019 “David Helpling –RUNE”

Hallo Gemeinde, geniesst das Album der Woche 52 von David Helpling. Sendetermin 22.12.2019 15 und 20 Uhr German time.
Eine Synthese und Reise mit Gitarre und Electronic Gear..
Erschienen bei unserem Partner Spotted Peccary Music. Ein Must Have Album.

Zum Download geht es hier

The music of RUNE is directly influenced by the waters of the ocean and the Norse Rune Laguz that speaks of deep wisdom and respect for the sea, representing the universal ocean and the collective memory of all life. The album is inspired by the creative, destructive, and life-sustaining forces of water as depicted in the spiritual wisdom and poetry of this ancient Norse rune, and while creating the music, Helpling immersed himself in this monumental idea of an all-encompassing ocean.

David has a deep and lifelong connection to the power and allure of the sea. “I grew up a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and spent all my time in and near it,” says Helpling. “It has always been my deepest healer and my biggest source of wonder, and whether I’m on the beach of a remote Pacific island or just relaxing at home, I spend time each day submerged in the stillness of water. So embracing this grand concept of the sea and the Rune as each piece was created felt very natural, and kept me calm and focused on achieving the sound of the ocean. I feel like every piece on this record deeply resonates with its spirit.”