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Album of the Week #08-2022 – “Dark Time” by ToXyGeNeDK

Dark Time is my latest album with 10 new electronic music tracks composed during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. The dark time of Covid-19 is sadly not yet over. Hopefully we will get our normal life back during 2022.

Most of the tracks are perhaps more quiet and relaxing than the music I normally make. I hope you will enjoy listening to my new tracks.

The album is also available as CD in a very limited edition.
For more details please send an e-mail to

Instruments used on this album:
Eminent 310, Novation Summit, Moog SUB37, Access Virus TI,
Yamaha Montage 6, Korg Wavestate, Yamaha MOX 8, Access Virus C, Roland TR.-8, Doepher Dark Time sequencer, Strymon TimeLine, Electro Harmonix EH-4800 Phaser, Boss DD-3, Tascam Model 24 mixer.
You can get the whole album here.