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Album der Woche #47 2020–Fringo Chills^^COOLED

With this album, Fringo Chills takes a look on the cool side. But be sure, the music to be gentle though, taking you on wide soundscapes
released November 14, 2020

Fringo Chills is the solo ambient project by Frank Rothe, Berlin

Frank Rothe about his project: “My passion is the old “Berlin-School-style” (listen to “Fratoroler” and “Filter-Kaffee”) but sometimes I like to hear long evolving rhythms and epic soundscapes.

To chill and relax is important for body, mind and soul and where to do this better, but in the nature.
Music is a reflection of those experiences.

Thanks to to my wife Angela for sharing the love of nature with me
and to Mario, Det, Bas and Thomas from the “Manikin-Family”

Photographs taken on Iceland by Miriam Grabowski

Marketed by
CabGuy* Music Production

HQ-release by SynGate Records 2020


Review by Beata Pardela, El-Stacja Radio Poland:

“the music … deeply moved me – in a positive sense of the word. It is rich in sound and pampers the listener’s ears with a perfect atmosphere.
Amazing combination of cosmic ambient with sequential elements creates a musical image full of cold, emptiness and cold, inaccessible spaces. It is a great picture showing the coming season with an optimistic ending – waking up spring as a reviving, returning life :)”

Album der Woche #45-2020- ZEN by Axess-

Axel Stupplich’s 8. Solo CD, neben seiner Arbeit bei Maxxes und Pyramid Peak

Seit 2002 ist Axel Stupplich auch solo unter dem Pseudonym Axess in der EM-Szene tätig und kann dabei auf bisher sechs CD Veröffentlichungen zurückblicken. Auch mit Max Schiefele besteht ein gemeinsames Projekt (Axess & Maxxess) mit bisher zwei CDs (Contact/2004 und Impact/2010). Andreas Morsch hat unter seinem Pseudonym „Project Andrew Rotten“ bisher eine CD veröffentlicht (En Passant/2005).
ZEN is the 8th solo album of Axess and the sequel to Seahsore. It consequently follows the musical route which has started a few years ago. The new CD starts with peaceful pads and warm harmonies which make you relaxed instantly. But don’t trust the peace for too long, already in the 2nd track you will be woken up and suddenly find yourself in a different world of deep basses and hypnotic beats. On the audio CD all 8 tracks of ZEN are combined with each other to form one single piece of musical art. Ideally it should be listened without any interruptions and with headphones it would be even more perfect to let you enter the new musical cosmos of Axess

Zum Download des Albums >>>>HIER LANG<<<<

Album der Woche #42-2020 ~~ToXyGeNeDK –RADIATION

TUNE IN 11.10. 15 Uhr German Time

Radiation is an album with 7 electronic tracks.

Radiation is as well as my album “Electronic Language” released in 2020 to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the release of my first album “Electronica” back in 2010.

All tracks composed from March till July 2020.

Radiation is also available as CD. For more details please send an email to: or watch this video on youtube first:

Instruments used on this album:
Eminent 310 Unique
Access Virus C
Access Virus TI
Roland V-Synth XT 2.0
Moog SUB37
Yamaha MOX8
Roland TR-8

Korg Wavestate
Yamaha MONTAGE 6
Strymon TimeLine
EH 4800 Small… more
released August 7, 2020


Album der Woche #41–2020– Bouvetøya – The Fiction Makers

4.10. 15 Uhr CET

Fast genau ein Jahr nach dem Release des letzten Albums von Bouvetøya stellt Michael Jones sein neues Album “The Fiction Makers” vor:
“The Fiction Makers” war ein Projekt über vier Monate, das zufällig mit dem weltweiten Ereignis zusammenfiel, wo mangelnde Zeit für Kreativität plötzlich kein Thema mehr war. Ich glaube nicht, dass irgendjemand, der die Gelegenheit hatte, mehr Musik in seinen Studios zu machen, sich darüber beschwerte, dass an anderer Stelle der Bewegungsspielraum eingeschränkter war, aber dafür mehr Zeit zu haben, Klanglandschaften zu erforschen und kürzlich erworbene Instrumente und elektronische Klangerzeuger in Gebrauch zu nehmen.
Das neue Album folgt einigen Themen, die im letzten Album Geometrium Gestalt bekamen und beschäftigt sich auch mit ganz neuen Strängen.
Der Kern jeden Tracks beruht auf Liveaufnahmen im Studio mit zusätzlichen Overdubs; die Freude daran ist besonders das spontane Spiel ohne den Hang zur Perfektion, das lässt die Musik organischer und weniger klinisch rein klingen. “In Modular we trust…”
Das neue Album erscheint am 3. Oktober bei SynGate

Das Album gibt es HIER ZUM DOWNLOAD

SoundTag special–Manikin Records–BK&S

27.9. 16-19 Uhr

Wer BK&S ist muss man nicht erwähnen. Hervorragende EM seit Jahrzehnten.Berlin School vom feinsten.
Alle Werke gibt es bei unserem Partner Manikin records H I E R BK&S Homepage H I E R


Bas Broekhuis
Born out of a marriage of musical and creative parents in 1963, Bas, the youngest of four children, was the only one who didn’t seem to be interested in music.

Through education and his membership of “The Society for Young Scientists and Inventors”, Bas concentrated on techniques. However, through these techniques, Bas started to build machines that could produce and manipulate sounds in an electronic way. Influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis, he began composing with his own generated sounds. Together with a few friends, Bas played in several electronic music based bands like:”El Sueno” (Spanish for “The Dream”), “The Evolution Project”, “Live Support System” and “the System” and performed on stage and in radio-& television shows. After this period of six years of composing, performing and experimenting with sounds and music, Bas started to make music on a solo base. The result of this was the tape ‘ Face Behind the Mask’, released on the first Dutch electronic music festival (KLEM-day) in 1988. One year later, Bas and Ron Boots performed together on that same festival as “project 2.1” and released the double-tape ‘Hydrhythmix’. In 1991 the first solo CD ‘The Escher Drawings’ was released. In 1992 Bas called Mario Schönwälder with the simple question “Do you need a drummer for your performance at the IGEM-Tag in Berlin”. 1994 was the year that Bas came in contact with Detlef Keller and Detlef had that same question: “Do you need an extra man?”

Detlef Keller
Born in Duisburg in 1959 and bought his First synthesizer, a Crumar DS2 in 1974. His collection of synthesizer’s growled in the following years, influence by the music of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis and the wish to produce “those kinds of sounds”. (Crumar performer, Korg MS10 / SQ10, Roland JX3P / JX8P ect.)

In 1993 he released his cassette “Klanggedanken” in a small circle of friends. November that same year he got acquainted with the Dutch drummer and keyboarder Bas Broekhuis at a gig in Gelsenkirchen and released his first album, “The Story Of The Clouds” on Bas’ record label Audio Works. Through Bas he got in contact wit Mario Schönwälder in the spring of ’94. Detlef visited a summer party concert of both in the Berlin planetarium at the Munsterdamm and Detlef was invited to take a part and to support them in their upcoming concert in September on the spot. His first public appearance ever!

Mario Schönwälder
Born in Berlin in 1960. Started autodidactic experiments in 1984 on a Korg MS20 synthesizer in combination with the Korg SQ10 sequencer. (The analogue touch of a synthesizer or step sequencer still apeals to him). One of his first musical productions “The Ghost of the plateau from Nazca”, that was composed on borrowed instruments. This piece even had some airplay on a local radio station. More compositions saw the day in the periode between 1984 and 1987, sometimes with the aid of a guitarist ore a second keyboard player from the band “the nightworkers”. 1988 was the year that first two products were released on Bernd Kistenmachers Musique Intemporelle label; “Le Mur & Force Down”. (These two releases were also the last ones that were released on vinyl, all releases after that came on CD.) The next two CDs: “The Eye of the Chameleon” (1989) and “Hypnotic Beats” (1991) were also released on the Musique Intemporelle label. In this periode Mario performed on several concerts in Germany and Polen. Mario founded his own label Manikin Records in 1992. Until today his Manikin label released over more then 100 titles of Ashra, Klaus Schulze, Rolf Trostel, Edgar Froese and many more.

Album der Woche #36–Outland 2–by Gerd Emmens

Wiedermal ein fantastischen Album von Gerd Emmens. Erschienen 18.8.2020.
30.8. 15 und 20 Uhr bei eurem Radiosender.

Composed, played and recorded in June 2020 in Studio Gert Emmens, Ede, Netherlands with theexception of track 6 ‘Outlands’ which was composed in August 2014 exclusively for the conceCox.rt on October 18, 2014 at the E-live festival in Oirschot, Netherlands, where the entire Outland album wasperformed.
released August 18, 2020

Mixed and mastered in July 2020 (with the exception of track 6). Outpost part 1 will be released later this year on a free sampler CD from Gert’s record company Groove Unlimited ( Emmens uses custom made JvR sequencers and modulars exclusively ( thanks: Ron Boots, Ruud Heij. Laila Quraishi, John Adams.Many thanks for technical support: Jos van Ras, Mark

Das Album gibt es H I E R

Album der Woche #35–Divided by Two–electrmagnetism

Vom italienisch-belgischen Duo DIVIDED by TWO mit Gabriele Quirici von Perceptual Defence und Danny Budts von Syndromeda gibt es ein neues Ambient Album mit dem Titel “Electromagnetism”
Electromagnetism lädt zur Reise in die Stromkreise ein. Spannungsgeladen, eruptiv, wirkungsvoll auf allen Frequenzen. Ein Ambient-Album zum Eintauchen und mitschwingen. Schön langsam und tieffrequent bis zur Hochspannung elekromagnetischer Entladungen.
Release am 22. August 2020 bei SynGate

zu hören am 23.8. 15+20Uhr

zum download geht es H I E R


SoundTag Special #34 —Dutch electronic Masters-compiled by Harald Gramberg


Das Album hat Harald Gramberg ins Leben gerufen. Nur mit Dutch electricians !!
Mit dabei u.a. Gerd Emmens, Arjan Schaat, Meesha, Albert Steenbergen , rena vyn der Wouden……and more.

Unterstützt dieses Project und bestellt . H I E R

Schönen SoundTag wünscht das Modul303 Team

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLAUS SCHULZE (73) Broadcast 4.8. 20-23 Uhr cet

Today it’s the Birthday of Klaus Schulze. One of the masters and pioneers of Classic/Modern Electronic Music.What a big influence he has on many of us :


Heute hat der Pionier der elektronischen Musik Geburtstag. Alles Gute zum 73.
Wolf Red hat für euch 3 Stunden Meisterwerke zusammengestellt. ab 20 Uhr ….also einschalten.

click here for listening

Viel Spass und dicke Ohren,,,,,euer Modul303-Team

Album der Woche # 20 – 2020 — TM Solver–OXYMORON

WIEDERMAL EIN FANTASTISCHES Album von Thomas Meier TM-Solver. O X Y M O R O N :
On Air am 10.5. 15 und 20 Uhr german time

Tune in here

Das 2020er Album von TM Solver – Oxymoron – legt seinen Fokus auf die neue Berliner Schule mit neuen Arrangements und Techniken. Die Musik in ihrem Fluss hakt sich mühelos ein und nimmt einen mit wie auf einem positiven Weg. Schnelle Sequenzerläufe und weite Klanglandschaften mit entspannten Flächen wechseln sich ab, die Übergänge von einer Landschaft zur nächsten gestalten sich mit detailliert auskomponierten Übergängen. Die Freude dabei ist die Ansprache der Musik, die sofort unter die Haut geht und gleichzeitig die Spannung, beim erneuten Hören immer neue Details zu entdecken. Die Reise dauert mit 7 Tracks über 73 Minuten und macht Lust, sie bald zu wiederholen.

TM Solver plays:
Synthesizer; Sequenzer; Drumcomputer; live Programming; Sampler
Composing, Arrangement and Mastering: Thomas Meier
Potographs: Thomas Meier
Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp)

Und hier gibt es da Album zum Download