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Soundtag spezial 12.1.202—Beste Alben von 2019—

ON AIR 12.1.2020 16 Uhr German Time

Unsere Hörer und das Modul303 Team haben die 3 besten Alben von 2019 gewählt. Mit dabei sind :

Woche 08 * Jesper Sørensen ** Synthology ***

Woche 15 * Jim Ottaway ** Beyond the Purple Sun ***

Woche 38 * Candy Lozier ** My Bloos Across The Sea ***

Album der Woche 02-2020–Moonbooter—Both Sides of the Moon

Album der Woche 02 , on AIR 5.1.202 15 und 20 Uhr German Time

EN: “Both Sides of the Moon” is my first double album with over 120 minutes, 100% new music. So no remixes and no live recordings. “Both Sides of the Moon” is on the one hand a homage to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 21st 1969. As the title of the album suggests, it’s about the two musical souls in me that make up my music: Classical electronics and modern club music. Sometimes dark, sometimes melancholic, sometimes playful, sometimes serious. Kitsch is also allowed. But please with style.

All this is united on “Both Sides of the Moon” to a whole and thus my current album has become very diversified. Furthermore the sound is more open and even more dynamic. Sometimes a bit wider. Altogether less complicated. Not so full. It offers more space for peace, but also more power in the rhythmic pieces. Just click on the samples above.
I wish you a lot of fun and a really good time with my music.
You and your
Bernd “moonbooter” Scholl

Download the album HERE

ALBUM DER WOCHE #52-2019 “David Helpling –RUNE”

Hallo Gemeinde, geniesst das Album der Woche 52 von David Helpling. Sendetermin 22.12.2019 15 und 20 Uhr German time.
Eine Synthese und Reise mit Gitarre und Electronic Gear..
Erschienen bei unserem Partner Spotted Peccary Music. Ein Must Have Album.

Zum Download geht es hier

The music of RUNE is directly influenced by the waters of the ocean and the Norse Rune Laguz that speaks of deep wisdom and respect for the sea, representing the universal ocean and the collective memory of all life. The album is inspired by the creative, destructive, and life-sustaining forces of water as depicted in the spiritual wisdom and poetry of this ancient Norse rune, and while creating the music, Helpling immersed himself in this monumental idea of an all-encompassing ocean.

David has a deep and lifelong connection to the power and allure of the sea. “I grew up a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and spent all my time in and near it,” says Helpling. “It has always been my deepest healer and my biggest source of wonder, and whether I’m on the beach of a remote Pacific island or just relaxing at home, I spend time each day submerged in the stillness of water. So embracing this grand concept of the sea and the Rune as each piece was created felt very natural, and kept me calm and focused on achieving the sound of the ocean. I feel like every piece on this record deeply resonates with its spirit.”

AlbumderWoche #49>>>>Menzman & Friends>>>INSIGHTS

Ein wunderbares Album, erschienen bei Manikin Records….
ein Download lohnt sich.
Heute am 1.12.2019 auf Modul303 um15 + 20 Uhr zu hören

Menzman & Friends sind Michael Menze, Dirk Brand und Horst Lemke. Weitere biographische Informationen zu der Formation sind im Weltweiten Netz bisher kaum zu finden. Menze und Lemke haben wohl bisher keine größere klangliche Spuren in der Musikhistorie hinterlassen. Bei Dirk Brand handelt es sich vermutlich um den derzeitigen Schlagzeuger der Hardrockkapelle Axxis. Alle drei Musiker haben aber offenbar schon langjährige Erfahrungen in den Bereich Musikproduktion und Aufnahmetechnik gesammelt. Nun macht man also elektronische Musik.

Mit “Insights” erschien zumindest Ende 2018 das Debütalbum des Projekts beim Berliner Label Manikin Records. Damit dürfte auch klar sein, welcher Art Musik hier zu finden ist. Klassische Retro-Elektronik im Stil der Berliner Schule machen Menzman & Friends, klangvoll, vielschichtig und detailreich. Sequenzermuster sorgen für rhythmische Formen, nicht selten ergänzt um weitere perkussive Einlagen und Schlagzeugmuster (die vermutlich von Brand stammen). Bisweilen wirken diese etwas eintönig (wie das monotone Umms-Wumms im einleitenden “Feuertaufe”), doch sind solche Stellen zum Glück selten.

Soundtag special #46- 2018 “EK-LOUNGE–ElektroKartell Live–

Modul303 freut sich einen ganz speziellen SoundTag special vorzustellen. 10. Nov. 2019—16-19 Uhr auf

Wer ist Elektro Kartell?
Erst mal ein Zusammen schluss hervorragender Elektronikern. Seit Jahren veranstalten Musiker live Events an verschiedenen Orten im Rhein-Main Gebiet, aber auch darüber hinaus.
Um Einige Mitglieder zu Nennen: Bernd Michael Land, Ralf Beckhaus, Richard Sturm, Wolfproject, Jens Lehmann, Hans Dieter Schmidt, Daniel Perez, und viele andere.

Schaut einfach mal auf der FB Seite nach. EK-Lounge

viel Spass beim Lauschen wünscht BRAMMI & WOLF

Album Der Woche #45 – >>>Colin Rayment—Transitional States<<<

ON AIR 03-11-2019******3PM AND 8PM CET AND

“Transitional States” arose from ‘snapshots’ in time and those observations captured through transitions during seasonal changes.
released November 1, 2019

Produced, composed and arranged by
Colin Rayment © 2019

You can order the CD or digital download H E R E

Album Der Woche #42 – >>>Sergio Mariani & Cousin Silas, Ho Katechon<<<

#####Exellentes Album Von Sergio und Cousin Silas, Zeit zu entspannen++++
Exellent album From Sergio and cousin Silas, time to relax
Listen to it 13.10…..3 and 8PM CET on


Ho Katechon (waag_rel132) is a truly exceptional album, filled with the kind of drifting, air, expansive ambient music that I simply adore. Its long, languid parts are unbelievably gracious and restorative … this is music for the soul, deeply relaxing and meditative.

Ho Katechon is Latin for “He who restrains” and I felt restored rather than restrained … I felt the busyness of my life and all the negative pressure was kept aback, restrained even, as I listened, I was able to truly relax … and I commend Cousin Silas and Sergio Mariani for that.

This album is simply something beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and will in the days to come.

As before, my thanks goes to the wonderful waag community … for their generous support.

Released September 28, 2019

Music by Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani
Photograph by Sergio Mariani

Album Der Woche #39 – Thaneco&Romerium–Sequences Passing By–

ALBUM DER WOCHE #39.. Tune in 3 and 8PM 22.9.

Download the Album here

And here is the bandcamp lik to Romerium

Thaneco: My first collaboration with Romerium (Rene Montfoort), a composer of electronic music from the Hague, Netherlands. I first got to know Romerium after his participation in my first Thaneco Records album: ”
From Inner To Outer Space, a celebration of electronic music (vol. 1)” that was released earlier this year. When I listen to his music I soon realised we share the same influences, the synthesizer music from the 70s and 80s. After we wrote a track for the upcoming EM Force cd album, we decided to write an album based on electronic sequences. We worked through the internet, me from Greece and Rene from the Netherlands.

Equipment used:
Thaneco used: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Oberheim Sem, Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard 4 EP-4, U-he Zebra, and Omnisphere.
Romerium used: Rob Papen vsts (BIT, Predator II, Go II, Blue II, Blade)
Steinberg vsts (Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, and the Revitar II).

Album Der Woche #38 – Candy L.–My Blood across the Sea

Hallo ihr Lieben habt es sicherlich schon mitbekommen unsere Freundin Kollegin Candy Lozier hat in der vergangenen Woche ihre kosmische Adresse gewechselt aus diesem Grund haben wir ihr letztes Soloalbum, my blood across the sea von 2016 ins Programm genommen. Hier erzählt sie ihre Familiengeschichte, als sich ihre vorfahren von Irland in das Land wo Milch und Honig fließt aufmachten.

Heute on Air 15 und 20 Uhr German Time

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