Modul303 is an open platform, which offers space for bands, musicians, DJs, producers, editors to participate.

The easy Way:

Send us a podcast (moderated or unmoderated) and a brief description of

The podcast should be exactly 60 or 120 minutes. Each podcast that we have received to Saturday noon, we can install the program in the following week.

Other ways to contribute:

DJ Specials

Play LIVE on Modul303 from any place or present pre-produced mixes.

Producer, Label, Band Specials

Broadcast from your studio, tell about your projects, play your tracks.

Concert Specials

Broadcast your live concert or present recorded material.

Editorial contribution

Editors are invited to give input as blog posts and podcasts.

Regular Transmission

Become a part of Modul303 and broadcast regularly.

If there’s no technical equipment to broadcast live, it’s not matter. Just load up pre-produced stuff. It’ll go on air by an announced date.

If you have interest pls use the email button. We will reply asap and support you with the realization of your ideas.

Be seeing you!