SOUNDTAG SPECIAL #44-2018 – “Studio 4632 netlabel Summer fall”

The newest ambient compilation album from Studio 4632, for your listening pleasure! Because sharing good music is what we do! Studio 4632 is totally proud of these, the 6th and 7th compilation sampler albums in our collection. What an amazing lot of music here! With artists from this label, other labels, and artists not on a label, the idea behind the sampler is, in a word, EXPOSURE! For both the artists, and the listeners, always eager to hear new music!
The best way to accomplish said objective is for all of us to share the samplers!
Studio 4632 is a very informal label, with a very broad, multi genre, platform. We love music! That’s why we put out 2 samplers. One for the electronic and ambient genres, and one for a mixed genre platform; a little new age, contemporary instrumentals, even some good old rock and roll from our friends!
I hope you enjoy listening to all of this incredible music as much as I did,
And a HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all of the artist friends who offer their music to others, free of charge. You give the world a tremendous gift! <3 ps In case you weren't aware, if you see the word info associated with any track, it means there is additional link information for the artist! So you can further explore their creative gifts. credits released October 21, 2016 Download HERE