Album der Woche # 25-2019 “Black Eagle” by Eagle Synth Music

Eagle (a.k.a. Arend Westra) is a musician from Walterswald, Netherlands. he’s been a tireless explorer of making music with synthesizers.
An important element in the sound of Eagle’s music is adding emotion to his compositions by finding gripping melodies.
His sphere of interest/influences are very wide from classic electronic music, ambient to the more modern styles.
And what’s about the music?
Very relaxed album with different styles. Enjoy my melodic electronic music with very different influences like kitaro, tangerine dream, vangelis etc.
9 tracks, 58 minutes of fine Melodic Electronic Music
released June 2, 2019

Album Frontcover art made by Sieuwke Westra
Track 1. ” Bucket full of raindrops” was dedicated to Adeptus Mechanicus(aka Gerrit Johannes Vos)
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