Album of the Week #02 – 2018 – “The Radiant Sea” ” BY BRIDGE TO IMLA by Hans-Dieter Schmidt und Michael Brückner

Bridge to Imla
is the new cinematic ambient duo of Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Brückner.
Both musicians are active in the German ambient / electronica scene since many
(MANY!) years, and started collaborating sporadically from 2012 on.
Their first full album together will be released in late 2017 on a Dutch label, and
has been mastered by a renowned specialist for deep immersive ambient music
(both the label and the mastering engineer will be properly announced as soon as
the label is starting it‘s own promotion activities in the near future…)
Their music is a fascinating blend of deep ambient atmospheres (sometimes dark
and brooding, sometimes ethereal and floating), abstract and complex sound-
scapes and beautiful, expressive and lush melodic excursions, often evoking a
cinematic, movie soundtrack-like effect…
Both musicians have been (and still are!) very active in various other solo and
collaborative projects over the years, please take a look at the links to find out
The illustration above was created by the extraordinary artist Andreas Schwietzke…