Album der Woche #40 – 2017- Michael Brückner — Trees of Olivandá

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Wiedermal ein Meisterwerk Von Michael Brückner. Veröffentlicht am 28.9.17 bei SYNGATE records.
Was der Meister selbst sagt:…..
All music conceived, performed, recorded and produced by Michael Brückner, 2017

24Bit Recording 44.1Khz

Review by Michael Hodges,

I just wanted to say that I listened to “The Trees Of Olivandá” twice today, and it’s truly wonderful!! So much variety, so much movement, tons of deep space synths with lots of soloing, but I loved all the modern beats and dance moments too. It perfectly balances vintage Schulze/TDream/Jarre/Berlin School styles with modern sounds. I think it’s a particularly accessible disc as well, without ever being too lightweight or insubstantial. It’s just very melodic without sacrificing atmosphere or intelligence. You should be really proud of it!
released September 28, 2017
Das Album kann hier runtergeladen werden >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SYNGATE RECORDS

This album is dedictaed to my good friend Olaf Lux!
Cover artwork by Andreas Schwietzke (thank you soooo much!!! :) )