Abum der Woche #08-2020 – “Miestones” by Hollan Holmes

Acclaimed electronic musician Hollan Holmes makes his Spotted Peccary label debut with MILESTONES, his seventh album of dynamic sequencer-driven synthesizer explorations. Celebrating significant moments along the arc of time, Milestones is an energetic and passionate album that delivers a fresh and flawless take on the timeless art of synth-based soundscapes.

On Milestones, Holmes transmits an engaging set of ten impassioned electronic compositions influenced in part by the Berlin school of synthesizer music and traditional space music. Interweaving strains of melody and counterpoint slip gracefully through an intricate network of kinetic rhythms, pulsing tones and spiraling musical spaces on a mind-expanding journey from one spellbinding sonic landmark to the next. Shimmering and floating, dynamic patterns of sequencer-spun urgency eventually give way to lush atmospheres and glowing textures before taking one more giant leap into the next compelling sound immersion.

Rich with captivating depth and vibrant energy, the music is sure to engage the mind and excite the ears, touching each listener in moving and meaningful ways. Hypnotic, powerful, and alive with emotion, Milestones is a sonic wonder – a watershed moment in the continuing evolution of Hollan Holmes’ electronic musical adventure.

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