Album der Woche # 18 – 2019 “When Winter was here” by ROMERIUM & Martin Neuhold

This is the second collaboration album by Romerium and me. Again, Romerium added his parts to my improvisations. After I sent him the first tracks he said that this will be a winter album. Winter is not only a season but also within winter a year comes to an end and a new one begins. So within winter, there‘s also reflection and looking back upon other things and stories that have come to an end bringing some sadness along. But winter‘s behind us now, spring has begun, so we can look back with optimism upon the time „When Winter was Here“. Thanks from the heart to Romerium for shaping my very rough diamonds into sparkling brilliants. Also thanks to Lenie Wijnen for the great painting for this release. – Martin Neuhold

After finishing “Beyond the Horizon” we both felt the desire
to give it a follow-up in the form of a second album.
So last year Martin sent me a number of recordings of his live sessions,
together with some new recordings from February 2019
When listening to his music I immediately got some ideas.
Those sessions also invited me to add some music of my own.
Pieces like “Dark and Cold” gave me the chills of winter.
And that’s why the album is called “When Winter was Here”
It was a pleasure again to collaborate with Martin ! – ROMERIUM

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