Album der Woche #37-2021 >>>Emotional Moments by MICADO Album der Woche #37-2021 >>>Emotional Moments by MICADO

Ein wunderbares Album Ambient, Berlin School design by Frans Lamaire, MICADO

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lectronic music composing is about creation of emotions. My electronic music is inspired by the e(M)otional (M)oments crossing us in daily life situations.
During the period of 2020-2021, our e(M)otional (M)oments were and are impacted by the corona pandemic. This period forced us to evaluate a lot of new emotional situations in our life.

Music video’s are available on YouTube : Frans Lemaire – MICADO. Playlist e(M)otional (M)oments.
released August 29, 2021

Listening by headphone give you the best access and enjoyment of the sounds and music.

* Yamaha Motif XS8, TG500, Tx81z
* Arturia MatrixBrute
* Novation MiniNova
* E-MU proteus 1 and 2000
* ROLAND JV2080 (2x)
* Alesis Quadrasynth
* KORG M3R Module
Software Synth Tools
* Arturia V8 collection, Analog Lab
* KORG Collection
* Novation V-Station
* Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate package
Voice synthesizer and tools
* Emvoice one , Vocaloid5 , KONTAKT Vocalizer 2 , BLISS, IVY Audio’s Clare solo, Zero G Ethera EVI 2.0 and Eachtra’s Vocal Ambient Landscapes , Producer-Space Voice sample sets, ODD Sample Vocal Chant tool
Samples from diverse sources
* Logic , Generdyn, Cymatics, Own samples

Music composed, arranged and mixed by Frans Lemaire
at the MICADO home studio
Mixed using Logic Pro X and Focusrite and Behringer audio interfaces
© August, 2021

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