Borders Edge Music special 22nd May 6-7AM CEST and 2 – 3 PM Cest

“CrossWorlds” a Rich Ambient Compilation on this week’s Borders Edge Radio Special – Playing on MODUL303 Radio
With music from Cousin Silas, Lutz Thuns, Luna Firma, The Roboter, and Kuutana
Starting Sunday May 22nd and will be called “CrossWorlds” – you can listen on this Sunday 6am-7am and then again 2pm to 3pm CET (midnight to 1am ET/US then again at 8am ET/US) and again Monday 20-21h CET (2pm-3pm ET/US) and Wednesday midnight to 1am CET (Tuesday 6pm-7pm ET/US)
Album Image Art by Andreas Schwietzke

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