Album der Woche #16 REALTIME “LightS of the Universe
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SynGate CD-R RT02 Remaster 2018

On the occasion of 10 years existence of the duo REALTIME, Thomas Bock remastered both older albums “Journey Into Space” und Lights Of The Universe” completely and improved the final touch with much better transparency and auditory source width in 2014. Additionally you find on both album so far not before released new tracks, that were composed and arranged by Thomas Bock in occasion of 10 years REALTIME.

The album has been remastered again now in 2018, mainly to enable a 24Bit Download at Bandcamp. Anyway, the music benefits as well from more dynamic and crispy sounds on the CD.

Find a very detailed review from the former release at Synths&Sequences
released April 13, 2014

Artwork – ESA
Composed [2006] By, Mixed By, Producer – Thomas Bock
Keyboards, Programmed By – Norbert Hensellek, Thomas Bock
Lyrics By – Thorsten Sudler-Mainz (tracks: 2, 5)
Performer – Realtime

Coverlayout by CabGuy* (*Kilian Schloemp)

A SynGate re-release 2018
CabGuy* Music Production

Album der Woche #14 – 2018 – “Axial” by Harald Nies

Axial heißt das neue 2018er Studioalbum von Harald Nies. Nach zwei Jahren Pause überrascht er ein weiteres Mal mit einem bekannt Neuem und einem wieder frischen Sound. Fließende Passagen, Spacerock und verträumte Elektronik wechseln sich gekonnt ab. Die Magie steckt zwischen den Zeilen: Haralds Musik besitzt einen unnachahmlichen Flow, den er wie kaum ein anderer beherrscht. Da, wo es sein soll, bringt er seine E-Gitarre unter. Nicht zu viel, nicht zu wenig. Axial läuft an einem Stück durch. Keine Unterbrechung, keine Pausen. So soll es sein. Einfach genießen.
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Soundtag Special #13-2018 – “Frisch aus der Presse… Neuerscheinungen der letzten Tage” , 15:00 – 18:00h

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Soundtag Special auf
Frisch aus der Presse… Neuerscheinungen der letzten Tage.
Neben einigen Interessanten Neuerscheinugen auf den Studio4632-Ambient Netlabel und den legedären EarthMantra Netlabel, stelle ich Euch das Tribute-Album: MeinSong: A Tribute To Wolfgang Gesell vor…
Viel Spaß wünscht Euch

Album der Woche #13-2018 – “Beyond the Horizon” by Romerium & Martin Neuhold

What begun as the February Album Writing Month improvisation challenge has turn out to a complete Album.
This collaboration invitation would be even more interesting if some of you would join me and add YOUR improvisation to my improvisation, to start some kind of musical dialogue, Martin wrote.
The improvisations Martin made for this collaboration touched me every time so every time I played my improvisations as a sort of answer and completion ( in my eyes) of his work.
His work shows often deep emotion and deep emotion is that what I like in my music.
So it was not so difficult to anticipate with his work.
I’ve mixed all his tracks together with my work so that it sounds at his best, and I’m very happy with the results…

Over the years I more and more realized that improvisation is the kind of music that is the most fun to make and to listen to.
It‘s music that comes right out of the moment, captures the feelings of the musician and brings them across to the audience.
So I asked myself if it was possible to improvise together, even if you were not in the same room.
The result was the Dialogue project, where I asked musicians to „answer“ to my improvisations with their improvisations.
When I heard the first „answers“ by Romerium I instantly felt that they were something special.
They somehow vibrated in the same frequency and deepened the music.
So I am very happy that all of our collaborations are collected here on this album.
If you like this, I invite look out for other reworks which will be released on the Submarine Broadcasting Corporation Netlabel and maybe some other places really soon.
My heartfelt thanks go out to you, the listener, and to Romerium for this great collaboration.
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Soundtag Special #11-2018 – “Kraut X” Polyphonie Kreuzberg Live im modul303-Studio778 , 15:00 – 18:00h

Soundtag ab 15:00h live auf"Kraut X" Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Volker LankowKlicken und zuhören: läuft was?

Opslået af Uwe Brameier på 18. marts 2018

Album der Woche #12-2018 – “Meeresleuchten” by Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst und “Sputnik” by Smooth Genestar

A truly unusual project. Two musicians, Thomas Lemmer and Christoph Sebastian Pabst, 700 km apart, one in Osnabrück, the other in the surrounding area of Munich, met in 2004 in Marburg and then lost sight of each other. Their new work, a unique combination of two different and yet perfectly harmonizing worlds, is a beautiful example of how the Internet blurs borders and can bring musicians together even across great distances!

On 9th March 2018 Sine Music will be releasing the new EP “Meeresleuchten“ by Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst. The EP will be available at all well-known download stores.

Thomas Lemmer has been successfully producing electronic music in the area of Chillout, Ambient and Deep House for many years. Since 2009 he has released 7 albums, 12 singles and is represented on numerous successful compilations. His album AMBITRONIC has been in the top 10 of the DCOC (German Chill Out Charts) for 28 weeks (status 1/2018). He became famous for his unique compositions and his outstanding sound design.

At the end of the 90s, Christoph Sebastian Pabst, alongside two of his friends, produced Ambient and House songs with individual live acts in the Bremen music scene, as well as releases on vinyl in small editions. Once he became a doctor and new father, he found less and less time to make music and only discovered it again in 2014 as a creative balance. While listening to his old tracks he often thought of Thomas, whose newsletter he received on a regular basis and who had meanwhile established himself firmly in the Chillout scene. Without further ado, he sent him his best tracks with the request to use them for favors. Perhaps he could refresh the ideas and arrange them in a contemporary way? The first remix of the song Pastellstrand, which was released on Thomas’ album PURE in 2017, was created with great enthusiasm.

Afterwards many great new ideas arose, an exchange of notes, rhythms and sounds began over the Internet. Floating spheres, organic instruments, wonderful melodies, creative sound design, electronic rhythms and widening effects. The main elements used include a Chinese ruan guitar (Meeresleuchten), the Una Corda (Meeresleuchten [introduction]), an Erhu (Sandwirbeldüne), an electric guitar (Pastellstrand) and a Spanish flamenco guitar (Indigobrandung).

Christoph showed his flair for extraordinary and enthralling melodies. A wonderful combination of great organic and electronic sounds were created. Thomas showed himself in his element with an excellent programming of rhythms and his own floating melodies in an excellent sound design. With his many years of experience in composing, arranging and producing, this successful and fascinating piece of work emerged.
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Leaving earth 3 years ago with the album “Utopolis”, Smooth Genestar returns with the tonal satellite “Sputnik EP”.

The EP introduces 4 tracks as soundtrack for orbital enjoyment, establishing deep melancholic vibes, cosmic chords and uplifting beats besides elements of Lounge, Chillout and Downbeat. Inspired by the legendary and bygone space night series, this release invites you to orbit the planet and to enjoy a musical time travel.

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Soundtag Special #11-2018 – The Legendary “StartTheTapes”-Show – Part III , 16:00 – 19:00h

Heute gibt es winwn weiterer Ausflug in unser “StartTheTapes” Archiv, Folgende Shows gibt es so zu sagen”am Stück” zu hören:

StartTheTapes 056: electric beats. for dancing. and dreaming
StartTheTapes 057: all new. all great
StartTheTapes 058: never be afraid of the dark.

Weitere Infos und auch die dazugehörigen Playlists findet ihr HIER

Viel Spaß wünscht Euch

Album der Woche #11 – 2018 – “The Discovery of Time” by Cinema

Nach den Vorläufern ISOLATION (LP 1985/ 2016 bei Sireena Records) und THE MAGIX BOX (CD 2013) legt Jürgen „Pöngse“ Krutzsch, der in den 70ern Gitarrist der Krautrockgruppe Tibet war, mit “The Discovering Of Time” ein neues Album seines Projektes CINEMA vor.

Zusammen mit Freundin Brigitte Grafe, die wieder für die Technik und den Mix zuständig war, wurde ein Stilmix geschaffen, der von Sphärenklängen, die an Tangerine Dream erinnern, über tanzbare Beats, bis hin zu orchestraler Filmmusik reicht. “Perfektes Kopfkino eben”, wie ein Musikjournalist die Musik von CINEMA einmal treffend bezeichnet hat.

Für das brandneue Album hat sich Pöngse wieder eine bechtliche Verstärkung ins Studio geholt. Schlagzeuger Dirk Brand trommelt sonst in der Hardrockband AXXIS, begleitete aber auch bereits Größen wie Gloria Gaynor, Caterina Valente oder John Wetton und zählt zu den besten Trommlern Deutschlands. Gitarrist Jörg Dudys ist festes Mitglied der Julia Neigel Band, spielte aber auch bereits bei Nena, Xavier Nadoo und Wolfgang Niedecken Gitarre. Weitere Gitarristen bei dieser Produktion sind Christian Schwarzbach und CINEMA-Longtime-Gitarrist Benjamin Peiser.
Das Mastering wurde einmal mehr vom ex-Grobschnitt-Drummer Eroc übernommen.

Mit dieser geballten Kraft als Unterstützung ist Pöngse ein unerhört abwechselungsreiches Album gelungen, das vor Ohrwürmern nur so strotzt. Dieser Faszination kann man sich schwerlich entziehen und dabei gleichzeitig feststellen, dass “The Discovering Of Time” das wohl beste Album von CINEMA geworden ist.
Das ganze Album gibt es hier