#WirSindZuhause, Erstsendung am 06.07.2020 12:00 – 13:00 – Wiederholung am 07.07.2020 0:00 – 1:00

Die Fallzahlen steigen im Moment wieder leicht, so hat sich der “R-Faktor” etwas erhöht. Die Berliner Morgenpost schreibt dazu in ihrer Online-Asgabe vom 06.07.2020:
Der 7-Tage-R-Wert liegt bei 0,94 (Stand 5. Juli) – er bildet laut RKI das Infektionsgeschehen vor etwa einer bis etwas mehr als zwei Wochen ab.
Klingt soweit nach: “Alles im grünen Bereich”
Das Album, das ich in der heutigen Sendung gespielt hatte, klingt voll im grünen Bereich und ist für “umme”, oder eine “Spende was Euch die Musik wert ist” auf Bandcamp erhältlich.

Morgen ist unser aller Rainer wieder am Mikrofon.
Habt noch einen schönen Tag

Ihr und Euer

Album der Woche # 28-2020 – “Quantum Theory” by Fritz Mayr

Der Soundmagier aus Wels, hat wieder ein tolles Soundfeuerwerk abgeliefert und das sagen andere darüber:+

Dariusz Strzelczyk “Quantum Theory” is another amazing album. This time, Fritz Mayr takes us into the world of quantums, a space as mysterious as the abyss of space. He leads us to the areas where our usual perception and understanding ends.

Asbury Seaman: This is the most exciting album Mayr has produced in years and ranks among his best. A perfect example of the less-is-more philosophy, “Planksche Constant” is flawless long-form ambient, using restraint to devastating impact. Dispensing with the busy drums and crescendo-ing melotrons, Mahr lets a simple sequencer line slowly build like Klaus Schulze used to do, both soothing and trance-inducing: with a somber undercurrent reflective of these difficult times while constantly twinkling with hope. Favorite track: Planksche Constant.

Das ganze Album gibt es hier

Guido’s Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0435 Breath

Sitting here on my roof terrace, watching the clouds go by
very inspiring for a mix
In nature is so much music, it’s all around us
Imagine nature without sounds of birds
This would be a spooky place… so music is a part of our lives
We can’t live without music, rhythms… sounds…
So here is my contribution to music 🙂

Enjoy my friends

For track lists and more info on the artists: https://www.facebook.com/guido.van.der.meulen

00:00 Mysticage – Offshore
07:00 Perfect Project – A million years
09:53 Sunset Boulevard – Eight Wonders (feat. Marc Hartman)
14:36 Patiotic – Broken nights
17:55 The Soul Crusaders – Share My Song
22:21 Belau feat. Sophie Lindinger – Breath
25:23 Schwarz & Funk – Miles Away (Remastered)
30:57 Marco Moli – Travel In Your Dreams
35:20 Marga Sol – Around Me (Deep Chill RMX)
39:17 Jazz Entsha – Shades Of Spring
42:09 Alex Cortiz – Symphony in D
46:49 Marga Sol – Mine Tonight
52:06 Mission Brown – Summers False Promise
56:46 Blue Six – Aquarian Angel

Kind regards



Mysticage – Offshore

Perfect Project – A million years


Sunset Boulevard – Eight Wonders (feat. Marc Hartman)


Patiotic – Broken nights

The Soul Crusaders – Share My Song

Belau feat. Sophie Lindinger – Breath


Schwarz & Funk – Miles Away (Remastered)


Marco Moli – Travel In Your Dreams


Marga Sol – Around Me (Deep Chill RMX)


Jazz Entsha – Shades Of Spring

Alex Cortiz – Symphony in D


Marga Sol – Mine Tonight


Mission Brown – Summers False Promise

Blue Six – Aquarian Angel


Coverart: mor-shani-li4dxZ0KYRw-unsplash

#Mysticage #Perfect_Project #Sunset_Boulevard #Marc_Hartman #Patiotic #The_Soul_Crusaders #Belau #Sophie_Lindinger #Schwarz_and_Funk #Marco_Moli #Marga_Sol #Jazz_Entsha #Alex_Cortiz #Mission_Brown #Blue_Six #guidos_lounge_cafe #Remix #Radioshow #Mix_Compilation #DJ #Music #MixCloud #Guido_Van_Der_Meulen #Cinematic #Downtempo #Lounge #Chillout #ChillTrance #Ibiza #RadioShow #M_Sol_Records #Costa_Del_Mar_Radio_Chillout #in_the_zone

KlangARTen-Live #27-2020- Die Playlist

KlangARTen-Live – Die Playlist

Sylvain Carel – “Gone with the Red Clouds” ist auf syngate erschienen
Stan Dart – “Klang des Abends” Murinsel III, erscheint am 4.7.20 auf syngate
Stan Dart – “Isolation (Album Version)” Murinsel III, erscheint am 4.7.20 auf syngate

Robert Wittek – “déjà vu IV” Live, bekommt Ihr bei CUE-Records

Fortadelis – “Rain of Clouds” Convergence, bekommt Ihr für “umme” auf Jamendo

#WirSindZuhause, Erstsendung am 29.06.2020 12:00 – 13:00 – Wiederholung am 30.06.2020 0:00 – 1:00

Das gibt es heute auf die Ohren:
Ava Felsenstein – Part II – (Hydrolux Abyss)

ObukhovAUDIOongroove – Dreamsequences (Polaroid Concert)

Boot Cut Rockers – Children Of The Sun (Chillbar III)

Vanderson – Childen Of Andromeda (Beyond Time Structure)

Velvet Voyage – Movement 4 – (Mindsong)

Guido’s Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0434 Enjoy Life – Erstsendung 26.06.2020

Hello dear friends,

today is again a special selection, it’s wat we call in Dutch “Een ratjetoe”,
Lot of different styles in here, and it was agian, just out of fun
I was looking for some tracks, and just played with it.. I hope you going to like it
Please don’t shoot me, we just had a lot of fun doing it 🙂

Enjoy my friends!!


For track lists and more info on the artists: https://www.facebook.com/guido.van.der.meulen

00:00 Intro – Intro
00:56 Didascalis – Mad World (feat. Paolo ‘Poppy’ Brasina)
06:10 Schwarz & Funk – Nebu (Piano Mix)
10:44 Gold Man – No Strings
12:42 Gelka – Where Are We Going
17:26 Sami Sivananda – Samadhi Vibes
20:16 PNFA – Stones
24:58 Weber & Weber – Good Love
28:30 Bona Fide – El Dorado
42:41 Michael E. feat Sarah Winton – Sunshine Meadow
37:03 Amp Fiddler – Heaven
41:39 Pete Belasco – Keep On
46:33 Deeper Sublime – Gitapad
48:36 Marga Sol – Starry Night (Original Mix)
53:34 Gushi & Raffunk – End of the Day’
58:40 Chillwalker – Dont stop it

Kind regards



Didascalis – Mad World (feat. Paolo ‘Poppy’ Brasina)


Schwarz & Funk – Nebu (Piano Mix)


Gold Man – No Strings

Gelka – Where Are We Going

Sami Sivananda – Samadhi Vibes

PNFA – Stones


Weber & Weber – Good Love

Bona Fide – El Dorado

Michael E. feat Sarah Winton – Sunshine Meadow


Amp Fiddler – Heaven


Pete Belasco – Keep On


Deeper Sublime – Gitapad

Marga Sol – Starry Night (Original Mix)

Gushi & Raffunk – End of the Day


Chillwalker – Dont stop it


Coverart: guillaume-issaly-4juwXDwFhPQ-unsplash

#Didascalis #Paolo_Poppy_Brasina #Schwarz_and_Funk #Gold_Man #Gelka #Sami_Sivananda #PNFA #Weber_and_Weber #Bona_Fide #Michael_E #Sarah_Winton #Amp_Fiddler #Pete_Belasco #Deeper_Sublime #Marga Sol #Gushi_and_Raffunk #Chillwalker #guidos_lounge_cafe #Remix #Radioshow #Mix_Compilation #DJ #Music #MixCloud #Guido_Van_Der_Meulen #Cinematic #Downtempo #Lounge #Chillout #ChillTrance #Ibiza #RadioShow #M_Sol_Records #Costa_Del_Mar_Radio_Chillout #in_the_zone

Album der Woche #27-2020 – “When Eternity Touches Time” by Jim Ottaway

When Eternity Touches Time’ is an exciting melodic/rhythmic instrumental electronic album featuring 12 new tracks from Jim Ottaway covering elements of Berlin School, ambient, electronica and melodic electronic.

Album liner notes:

All tracks were recorded by Jim Ottaway between August 2015 & April 2020. Mixed & mastered by Jim Ottaway March/April 2020. ‘Clouds Hide The Sun’ had a very limited release as ‘Secrets Of The Zodiac’ in 2017. This version has additional recordings & has been remixed.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my mate Fr Reg Mills (1932-2019).

Equipment & software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Korg Karma, Yamaha Motif-Rack ES, Yamaha MX49 & various VSTs.

“Live in the present, because the present is the point at which time touches eternity.” (C.S. Lewis – The Screwtape Letters)

‘The skies’ – the heavens… the heavenly realms.

“Beyond the skies… the quintessential limit.” (J. Ottaway)

Photography, graphics and design by Jim Ottaway.

Purchase CD:

To purchase a physical CD please visit Jim’s website at…

Within Australia (includes postage) $24.00 AUD
Rest of World (includes postage) $29.00 AUD
(Posted from Australia)

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions the postal delivery from Australia could take 4-7 weeks.
released June 21, 2020

CLICK here to get the whole album