Album of the Week # 30-2016

The album of the week may not always be brand new, it may already have a few years on the record. So it is with the new album of the week on modul303.
Almost exactly nine years ago, at that time I needed a new intro for the “KlangARTen-Podcast”. Back then wave field had sent me the first almost official mix of “New York” and I was after the first few bars and away and New York has long been the intro of “KlangARTen-Podcast”. and later of the “KlangARTen-Live” radio show.
The album “Sunshine” is still one of my favorite albums of wave field and that is the reason why I would like it to you this week applied to the ears. More details on this release can be found here:
Mellow Jet Webshop

Have fun and a nice week start wishes you

Der Brammi
wellenfeld sunshine