Album Of The Week # 29-2017 – “Shumatsu No Tani” by Nibana

Shūmatsu No Tani (終末の谷; “The Valley of the End”) is the third album written and produced by French musician Nibana. This double CD-length album features 18 tracks divided into two distinct parts, one driven by psychedelic ambient and downtempo influences, while the other explores sonic territory closer to bass music, glitch-hop, and psystep. From the artist: “My goal was to create a self-released and completely free digital album, free of any labels and any fences, evolving from my roots (the album Ask The Universe) to newer horizons among the bass music scene.” Many influences can be heard on Nibana’s new album as well as allusions to some of his favorite producers in the bass music scene such as Tipper, Whitebear, Koan Sound, Suduaya, Solar Fields, and more. Mastered by Storm Mastering with graphic design by ElohProjects.
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Happy Birthday – 01. July 2017 – 03:00pm – 06:00pm & 08:00pm – 00:00am

So this is why I’m going to report from “Schwingungen Barbecue” from time to time on Saturday….
What’s this all about? We’re turning 7 years old on 1st of July…. Who could ever imagine this would happen? The least did I. After the former operators of “Welle303” adjudged the project failed, I decided to give it another try and started it all over again. In the beginning, the mission was all about finding a stream provider that had a value for money. Firstly there was only one live programme “KlangARTen Live” that aired each Thursday from 8 to 10 pm. In the meantime “Mr. Automatic”, as I named the 24/7 playlist, was on air. As necessity is the mother of invention, I used CC-licenced tracks back then. Thanks to oversized licence contracts, the start was a true financial fiasco. So far, so good. A colleague (Yalande, former “Radio Happy”) told me about a provider that allowed to load the stream with licence material without paying a fortune. So I booked the new stream provider and continued working on “Welle303”. After it I could finally air a lot of classics by TD, Schulze, Kraftwerk, Riechmann and many more. As a huge disadvantage the stream server got a victim of cyberattacks in regular intervals or literately burned down in flames so the streamer went down and became silent for several days. This fact fuelled displeasure. When my colleague Lukas had to shut down his radio project “Radio Modul”, we decided to cooperate and that’s when “Welle 303” and “Radio Modul” became “”. In connection with this fusion we had the idea to register the licences, server and technics “at home”, although the Canadian server was one unit and a lot cheaper, but nevertheless we decided to do so. Since that day the radio is registered properly in Germany and is managed on our own. There were a few changes in the team as well: Christian Fiesel and Wolfgang Roth joined modul303, while Lukas left. We air new shows as well which are mainly supervised by Wolfgang. Since 2016 modul303’s field crew is located in New York, led by Candy Lozier.
My very special thanks go to the other hosts that are highly important to the programme of modul303: Wolfgang Gsel, Rainer “Tyson” Schramke Martin Neuhold, Ron Boots, Stefan Schulz, Steffen Thieme, Tom Webster, Jos Verboven, Mick “Dundee” Garlic, Kuutana, Guido v.d Meulen, Marek “Marqs” Kwiatkowski, Michał “Gacek” Jurczyk, Michał “Mike” Matusiak & Piotr “PPanc” Paschke. Another thanks go to the friends and supporters of modul303. Keeping up with this project would have been even more difficult without you.

Last but not least I would love to thank YOU for turning in again and again and enjoying our programme, that’s what keeps us going. Therefor the team of modul303 says THANK YOU.
Brammi for modul303