Album of the Week #37-2017 – “Indiscreet” by Jörg Schaaf

this album is a collection of my most current work in 2016 and 2017. The album covers dark ambient grooves, lovely tunes, psychedelic sound adventures and trippy sequencer goodness.
(Jörg Schaaf himself)
18 yaers after “sonar eXperience”, “Indiscreet” is another milestone in Jörg’s career and it sound fantastic. We at, are proud to present thie as an “Album of the Week”.
You can get the album right here as a download

Soundtag Special #32-2017 – New Releases From The Last Few Months in 2017 – 16:00 – 19:00 h

These are just a few albums that have been released this year. In today’s Soundtag Special, I present some songs from these and some other releases
Enjoy this little selection and maybe there are some albums that you haven’t heard yet.
Have fun!

Wolf Project – The Light Belongs To You (Previously Unreleasd, coming autumn / winter 2017)
David Wright & Carys – Ocean To Stars, Pt. III
Frau Holle – The Big Ripp (Dark Energy Mix)
Wolfgang Gsell – Dark Spirit Contemplation
Johan Tronestam – Arthur’s Journey Continues
Sasa Tosic – Tenthousand Planets
Karmarama – Hybrid
Nattefrost – The Longships
Otarion – Seven Chepters
Wellenfeld – Timecode
moonbooter – Edge Of Sanity
Vanderson – Underwaterworld
2fel – Drak Reflections
Glenn Sogge & Boson Spin – Foreign Agents Transmit Their Messages++
Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann – Buddahtal
Grauglanz – Is There Any Eternity