Album der Woche # 46- 2016 – “Cosmic Traveler” by Candy L.

The latest album of the week comes from New York, where our colleague Candy Lozier is at home. Her radio-show: “Fine Art EM by Candy L.” should be well known. But she is not only active as a presenter in EM, but also has a small label “Studio 4632+
” on which she release works of “Maximum Movement Theater”, Glenn Sogge, Lutz Thuns & Wolfgang Gsellk, or “Cousin Silas”, for example. Her own compositions can be found here. Her current release, “Cosmic Traveler”, available as “Name Your Price Release” on Bandcamp, is a ticket through the universe. Leaving the Earth, taking a slow course on Armitrad 7, attending a funeral procession on Kepler 7, stranding on the uncharted Planet # 4, there are some more adventures before the long way home marks the end of the journey. Curious? Then do not miss the album of the week on, or download it “always listen again”, or simply do both.
My recommendation is to clear the runway, check the whole systems, slowly give the thrust to the engines and then take off and enjoy the flight. Captain Candy L. is looking forward to welcoming you on board and the modul303 team wishes you a pleasant flight.