“Oster-Soundtag-Spezial” from 6:00 pm to midnight – “Alben der Woche” 2016

This is the second part of our “Oster-Soundtag-Special” from 6 p.m. till midnight and that releases are on the table…

06:00 pm – “Floating” by Chilltopia
07:00 pm – “Sounds of Syn” live mit Steffen Thieme
08:00 pm – “Cosmic Traveler” by Candy L.
09:16 pm – “Odyssey Through The Galaxy” by Projekt Gamma
10:35 pm – “Atmospheric, No Gavity” by Oleg Sirenko
11:37 pm – “IVO” by Peter Irock

NOTICE: All Times Are CEST
Enjoy the show…
yours modul303.com-Team